andrew AD


My god I  am just so  broken  and although  I have been  given a  second chance I  just  feel so broken and so  removed from my previous life .and my new life as   andrew AD is certainly not off to a flyer   and I have found a chance at a  new career, but it is just so  removed from anything I have ever done before that I just feel  so inept and ill-equipped to  do  anything meaningful  or anything helpful  but I am not sure I am young enough to  start again  I guess I am just  so worried about  failure and I am not young enough to  rectify any  failure that  ensues  I guess I  just feel I am, on a one way street  with no means of altering course  and the street i  am on just feels so  foreign to me and hence why I  feel I must return  to home base i.e. the known; where I  am an upmarket governmental employee turning up  for work at an  allotted time and doing a  set procedure and then then collecting my  wage check st the end of the day