flourishing and determination i can sleep when i am, done

i Have To do something more, this must not be it:   it cannot be it   I am just so grateful to everyone:  for what they have done for me and not just for what everyone  has done   for me since becoming andrew AD,

   but in more ways, even more importantly such as when I was andrew BC   but this cannot be everything. And it is for these reasons and also my exceedingly strong sense of responsibility and there  is  a reason to be  good and to flourish. so where one has an option to flourish and can flourish   then one has a responsibility to do just that and by flourish I am using Aristotle’s definition: it is the highest good of human endeavours

And it is interesting. Tht the only people who re not overly surprised at thow well I have done are my friends  from school and my parents . but by Christ they do not have any idea how difficult it has been

 now to my mind work is a good thing and indeed if we think about work it is where we spend almost 50% of our time well it certainly is where we aspend50%

 and if we take this to its logical inclusion

  by the time, we have turned 30 we  have been  sleeping for 10 years

10 years of our sentient lives by choice.  if we divide up our day into thirds ie. 8-hour sections. we sleep for at least 8 hours generally so this is equivalent to almost a third of our day and if we extend this out to years then by the time w have turned 30 then we have been sleeping for 10 years. I mean just imagine when  you  turn 30 someone coming up to you and giving you a present of 10 years of life   now it gets even more amazing  if you think of Our first 8 years if life is essentially a child when we are not really making  any choices  for ourselves     .and the second 8 years are at A  school of our parents choice. And again, we are not really making any choices for ourselves. Again,

 and the next 8 years we are finally making our own choices. Such a do We go to university or not   or who do we  shack up with this person or not, so you can see we have been truly living for a very short time  by the time we have turned 40. And i do think this is the reason  I  am so  desperate to have another career . and I just have to have another career I  must do this . God godamnmit I am not done yet   I can sleep when I  am done

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