on being disabled

On being disabled: now I was suddenly rendered disabled from competing in a triathlon. I went suddenly to being wheelchair. Bound; and my reflections of being in this predicament were as follows. No one flirts with anyone in a wheel chair: and  ones ability to  work at any   side  board Was also severely curtailed, because one coul;ld ultimately not get close enough to the  side board  we  irt wa and also, not being able to use my left arm meant i was still unable to move. and my god I member being in my kitchen which was quite large. and I could not even get from one end to the other. becsausae I kept turning or veering off to the side no   matter how hard I practiced and the level of frustration.  Almost broke me

I was so deeply depressed I had gone from running a triathlon to siting in a hair that could supposedly move but I could not even do this .and all the while my wife was leaving me and taking my kids with her

 Well I can tell you this did not do anything for my mental health, as I sat in my dam chair in a   silent house As I veered off to hit the wall again. And then I would repeat the effort again. And once again I hit the wall. in my silent house

One thought on “on being disabled

  1. I think you’re amazing, strong and determined. Im also feel honoured to have you as a neighbour. When I see you going out for a run or coming back it fills me with inspiration.


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