Use it or lose it so they say :

 today I had my session of martial arts.  which is mostly balance exercising and before: anyone reading this is under some sort of complete misapprehension that I am going to become the next black belt in martial arts. well i am pretty certain that I still would not be able to land a head kick on the most diminutive of snow white’s seven friends.

   and this reminds me of  a friend  at university who also was quite proficient at  martial arts  and the only time he ever needed it was at  a  pub when he used to get quite lippy  because he felt he was a black belt and  could  handle himself now I am no expert here but I am pretty certain  that Having  a black belt did not  furnish one  with any great  fighting abilities after the said person had drunk enough beer to drown the entire population of Bangalore  and also,

  my pacifist tendencies were given fulsome support each and every  time this person came back to  the college with his tail between his legs because  he had  suffered  yet another defeat  at the local: and  despite being led to believe that I could  expect  the many gains  I have made will start to tail  off  soon because it has been7yesrs  YEARS since my accident   and after my martial  arts session, well: I  was quite happy;  that I am still making improvements    and I actually halved the time  it   used to take me to do the run and sure there are not any metrics or measurements I  can  compare  my balance  with but  the instructor was certainly  very impressed with  the improvements I have made and this tally ‘s: with what  I have been  doing and what  I believe.  That

  the neuronal pathways were there prior to my accident when I was andrew BC and now all I need to do is to provide the neurons  with the correct   stimulus to open up again  because they were  there(  the pathways )  as Andrew BC    and they were definitely there as andrewBC   and yes I do believe I  can get back  to  where i was, well. I bloody   well, will just have to because there is no other option as  I see it, Aything lees woylfr just be that less but I think this goes for the whole brain rehab  and my  cognitive  developments such as my memory and  my  clarity of thinking : in that hey were there before and I just need to ensure there is  the correct stimulus    to assure they are Appropriately  reformed  

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