team work

Team work relationships are team work:   and it is this I have been missing but  I  now have with my trappee: relationships are a sense of shared responsibility/: And it is this sense  of life  being more  than  something    than  just me,  it is a sense of  purpose and just like the functioning of our  physical body; it is team work like no other. and so too with  our brain; why should it not need  bit of team work  the functioning of our body is team work like no other; for instance when we cut ourselves our  blood clotting system needs to be working and our digestive system needs to be working to ensure all of the nutrients are in  the right place and the right time , and then obviously we our circulatory system must to be spot on. so that the clotting factors can get to the area quickly   ,   and so it is with our brain: our brain  or what little I have of it Still : well it more than ever needs someone to bounce ideas off  : someone to be encouraging. With  wink and a nudge  for the many many many times it  Wanders  off into a period of  self-indulgent melancholy ; and indeed it can  be this that is  immortality for us all; it is the environment we have created  for our children to grow up  in and they in turn  will create for their children and so on and so on

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