vision and my reading

My reading now it was quite a long time ago when I Could not even read at all, it was because of my homonymous hemianopia, which meant each line of a book was left overlying the line below it and also there was the other aspect of my left sided homonymous hemianopia. Which also meant I missed the first part or the left hand side of each word which essentially resulted in: if I was reading about a pancake I would be left wondering why the person was flipping a cake but not even the giant writing of a children’s picture   books. Could I read to my kids?

But yes, these were very dark days indeed both metaphorically and in reality:  I mean I was a   doctor I had to be able to read again I just had to

but  No, I had to memorise each page of the children’s picture books  in order to ‘read’ them to my kids  and again I am left being the complete human contradiction  where I am giving my kids 50p pieces for    each book they read and  here I was not even being able to read myself, and my god the level of the things I went to  try to do to compensate for my not seeing the  beginning of each word ,  I even tried to have a computer program that will convert any text to one that I could read which was where  for each word  would have  the first letter highlighted in red   and  . and then there was the most enormous or cumbersome device made for me by the physio which Allowed me to read each line by itself which stopped the overlapping line issue




and there is   vision which is also so essential to our day to day functioning. For instance there are limits to what one can remember, and these limits are also distinctly restrictive to a person who  has left half of his  brain  by road side  or  in the surgical bucket of detritus ; such as  when   remembering where we have put our glass of drink or coffee on the table  in front of us.  But my god it made finding the car in a car park very difficult ; we Are Visual creatures such as  when we walk through our living room we  can just scan the Living room for our wallet and keys , and if we have just left them behind then when we  see them they become a visual prompt to take the,m, vision is  a  back  up to our memory

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