titanic Shadows seagulls and decorations

Titanic shadows and cognitive development can  you believe it but it has been implied of me  yes of me that i would argue with  my own shadow. But I. Must admit to taking a deliberately contrary line or point of view even  if  I do not  agree with  it but I see it as a  test of wits  and the final  most independent arbiter is obviously. Myself where if I can get any sign from the person  with whom I am  debating my point  that they can  see i have a correct argument or they  can   see my point of  view  and ; there  is  one  chap  at the. Pool that I go to   and he.is constantly  chatting   and he Is a Cornish fishermen and for very obvious reasons  call him titanic  and I tell him  that  his wife’s  ears must be purely  decorative , because otherwise she would be driven mad or deaf by all  of his chuntering, which also brings me to  the  most pertinent point   can one be driven deaf by one’s own voice, and I am also reminded ,of seagulls which squawk incessantly

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