am i this angelic demigod??

A friend replied to my question. My life has just all been for didly squat  with the following I said  obviously I am very grateful and i will  struggle to live up to your sentiments  and are you sure they were actually meant for  me  or some other angelic demigod



s life ever sums to squat. I’ve done engineering, law, finance, business; studied at Melbourne, ANU, Cambridge and Harvard; done a range of amazing roles & responsibilities; managed $100+ million in other people’s money; know many millionaires/billionaires … but still don’t have a job!  (Go figure!)  I haven’t had anything like what you’ve experienced over the past decade, yet I selfishly say the same thing: “What has my life amounted to?  It’s all for naught.”  Obviously, flagrantly, patently false in extremis.


Think of the hundreds of people’s lives you directly impacted as a doc and (most fundamentally) as a mutual member of our common man: all your countless patients, your fellow doctors, your students, family & friends across the globe — astounding!  You’ve made a profound impact on the world!  I use your example of outright determination, hard work and conviction to achieve; I use that example, your (!) example with my kids and others all the time, to inspire greatness in others … and it works!


I openly admit that I am fundamentally incapable of understanding/comprehending what you’ve been through. But (in my humble opinion) it is that unfathomably unique experience that you can contribute to the world and much more … whether through doing a doco re your life, educational/teaching, a book re your experience, or something different again.



And my reply well obviously I was exceedingly grateful  and I  did wonder if his  words were really meant  for  me or someone else and I  will endeavour to  live up  to  your words and  I said  obviously I am very grateful for  your sentiments  and are you sure they  actually meant for  me  or some other angelic demigod

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