welcome to my new wife

Welcome to my new wife

Well; firstly let me tell you there will not be many young lady’s crying as they read the title to this blog and when i say many you can read any :
this is the is background to a preparation or a lecture I am to give to the stroke group


All I am saying is it will become much more difficult to learn new skills but I am definitely not saying that you cannot ever learn a new skill but


you can expect to find it incredibly hard to develop new abilities you did not have before your Stroke or accident such as standing to put on shoes and socks but when it comes to doing things you have always done much as buttering your toast , with your affected hand . well these finer skills will also take little longer to master but I do think you will find it very difficult to develop new abilities such as  standing  to put on your shoes and socks but this s is absolutely not to say you will not ever be able to learn new skills I mean the brain is a pretty amazing thing when you think about it – which is in itself something I have only been recently unable to do is to think well with any conviction I mean just to be think is for for me is pretty amazing


there are approximately 67 billion neurons up there well in yours but not mime, and there are countless more connections as well; and if you if you follow this to  its logical conclusion it is absolutely amazing to think that we came from nothing our brains have developed from nothing at all just happenstance and bizarre or circumstantial meeting of atoms  and-these atoms   just happened to  twitch into life

and ‘all’ @@ !!?it takes to be able to be able to learn a new skill and to relearn  an old one is to put down some new connections and what is different about my brain well I have become acutely or suddenly stupid or thick As mince and l also I have countless neurons switched on opposing my neurons which are correctly attempting to complete a given task and these auxiliary neurons that are also switched on these are working against me ie, they are activating the muscles that oppose those  very muscles that are correctly attempting to complete a task, I mean my body has become a wife . now it can do it but it just bloody wont

and no I have not always Had a servant dedicated d to buttering my toast And also no I was not get born with a silver spoon in my mouth: I remember my mother retelling us we always had what we needed but not always have what we wanted; which obviously begs the question, based on whose assessment!!?, but I think I may be a little bit more obstreperous now- and yes my mother had it so easy with me as a son:  but with time comes cynicism and a tiny bit of obstreperousness.  and yes also cantankerousness but not any loss  of determination and it is this later  adjective that will serve you so well when you are on your rehab plan and think of all of those  neurons  up there  and of the connections that  are  just waiting  to  form a new pathway to achieving a goal

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