high hopes

High hopes

You have to have high high hopes the   saying and song  goes  but where hope exits there must also  be failure or a short coming  for hope to exist; but my hopes  were realistic  this  was how I lived my life  i believe : i believe ,i  have aimed high  and worked bloody hard  to get  there but it is just how i  have  lived my life   : i mean i have aimed  high but to thedpoiuntin not siming high   but realistically. I have not aimed to be as wealthy as bill gates  or as smart  as   Richard Dawkins but rather I have just aimed high to be comfortable or to  make sure  my kids are  comfortable   and it is  here that  I really really  really  need to say thank you   to thank everyone who has helped me along the way and it could just be friendship.,. it does not need to be anything specific or tangible; you may have just smiled at me but it was not in a condescending way or  ina way p thdt was not  presaging  a bout of riotous laughter implying what a complete Muppet ,or kumquat;   i have been, AGAIN  and oh yes  there  are many words that exist in the English language that are not swear words but convey a very similar meaning when used with the appropriate invective or inflection


and oh yes to the many many people who  feel i am an arrogant old bastard  well  to all of you lot  all  i can  say  it   is   bloody difficult being this good  and please  go  and      and fuck off  but yes there are some swear words  that are  irreplaceable



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