team work

Team work


so much in life is team  work indeed  the president of a   company or country is all about  team work  and as  such a  the president is just the figure head to  a team that is working in the   the background or behind the person, and  It is this  shared responsibility  you enter with a marriage  and you may or not  have identical  goals  but  each member of the team can recognise when someone is heading off  track , and bring them back to the light as it were. And it is this shared responsibility that I miss so much since my accident.  I mean even just calling it an accident, well I think this word accident should be reserved for   when  a child has  wet their pants . I mean I feel  so  strongly for my kids  and ex because for over 10 years now they have not had   their father for  the 10  years


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