am i really this boring?

am I really that boring one of my greatest concerns has been since my accident is that I have become huge anchor on my family and friends, and I remember being the life and soul of a party; sand one of my so  called  very   good   friends  i.e.  my brother in-law  said to me to not worry , about that because he said I never was   the life and soul of any party; so I guess I have one less thing to worry about , And i am pretty  certain my brother in-law had not  heard of the phrase  do not kick a man when he is down; but such is the exceedingly limited education he clearly  had. I mean it is a miracle he can walk and chew gum, at the same time and quite surprisingly he used to suck his thumb  but considering how  much his time is spent with his thumb stuck in a place where the sun does not  shine!

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