the march of time and work updated


The  PROBLEM OF TIME is twofold for me firstly there  is my sense of mortality and; then more immediately I sincerely hope because I d  not want to  die just yet .

there is my’ nothing time’ or  what i l Call  my retirement; now  for me  this has not been  something  that  I have chosen   I have-been  forced In  to retirement; when,

i feel  I am too  young to retire and I have  so much still too archive   or  I have so much  more  I want to  do   and this is the other problem of time. now when we think about   our work colleagues who are not necessarily our   friends we would choose.   but then we have our leisure time. Which  would be all very well,  if there were our friends also retiring together with us.


And work teaches us about humanity:  it is the shared responsibility or knowledge of the difficult times, that we all experience when we were at work. And to be successful at work one needs    to  to work in a team: and  every team has its strengths and weaknesses. And to be successful as a team we need to accommodate for the weak links in a team, one has to be able to work cooperatively and it is here we learn more completely about humanity

and so it goes that work provides us more than a just a salary


But also, there is the contrast between work making our leisure time that much, more enjoyable, or special   we are people of contrasts; we crave work because it makes our leisure time that    much more meaningful or special or enjoyable. And it is our work that produces the majority of our friends. and also, it is our work that very often gives us our sense of purpose.  and it gives us also    our sense of humanity    by what it means to be human: because we need to live and work






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