to the lady at tescos in falifornia


To the lady from  Tesco’s  at  Falmouth. this is an excellent example of how my brain is still buggered. now there was this incredibly vivacious lady working in Tesco’s at Pendennis point or what i call  penis point . and we were talking about my style of writing.

This is also a   huge compliment but I do worry that she was actually not looking at my blog at all. and i would very much like her to get in touch with me again please so that I can examine her wrists for any tell-tale signs of wrist slitting. That my blog may have induced and I think she can do this via my blog or my email  which is  and  i think my brain is relatively good  but it is not that good at thinking on its feet   and  so it goes  i need to have every thing  planed  out  and i    never expected this lady  to compliment me.  and of  course i would have  certainly  asked for  her  contact details. at  the time of our very brief conversation.  and so it goes that   i need  to be  able to  think  about  it long after it is  relevant within the confines of  my gated commune




thfti  cn examine hre wristsfirny tl tle signdof wrist slitting

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