why i stumble so much

Why do I stumble so much

I think I have cracked why  I stumble so much  because I   am still stuck with my buggered  body/. as if any more proof were needed,


that I am still buggered well my body is still, lagging behind my brain and yes I did say that I have a brain.


And my brain  is even faster than my body. Well. i am being    factually incorrect here, because my body is lagging behind my brain,    but it  is because of my brain .



so  in reality I am still getting used to my new body  and its limitations the brain has  placed it on  it   as where I could just do without  thinking  and I  cannot  do   the things without thinking   any more,

for example when I  go to turn quickly to my left   I need to  ensure my left foot is not  incompletely turned out to the left because if   it   is  not completely turned out,  I   could, and do stumble over it because it is not in an advantageous position for me to complete my  turn

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