control freakery and the the rule of thirds

 cintroll freskery  is  it any wonder I a  am so obsessed with my running just now because it is the only  aspect of my life that I have sole control over,  and when I  think about the other   important  aspects of an individual’s life, such as  that of a career  or  a  significant relationship with another, then I appear to have ceded  all control to  someone else,  hence why I  am addicted to my running which is solely  dependent on me


If  we consider a life to   be equivalent to the time  on a 24 hour   clock divided into 8 hour segments or thirds then one third of one’s  life,  is spent sleeping . And if you extend this out to one’s life then it means by the time you are 30 then you have slept for ten years.  I find this quite an arresting thought

 and then  you have your daytime life where   you are  hopefully reaping the fruits of your free will and if  we   consider just  those times when we are  truly acting out of our own  free will  . and     only including those times   as opposed to just following the  norms of our, parents  choices or their preconceptions as to what they think is best for us   such as  schooling and university

 and   who can forget  John dunnes quote no man is an.island  but that  is  entirely different to ceding responsibility  for the decisions one makes

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