i am ot going to be a cripple any more

but i  am still most definitely going   to  be  verbally inappropriate

My word I am not going to be cripple any more which I mostly expected  I would-be but now I know that  I absolutely    am not going to be  any more; but I still seem to be needing to prove myself to  everyone I encounter and this is where I  feel I I need to ask you to read my chapter on being  an archaeologist – where i talk about having  had the correct   neural pathways once before and all I am needing to do is to excavate them, and my physical rehab   has  been so much easier to quantify,

but in essence my physical rehab has allowed me to get to the point where I need to use my cognitive pathways . for instance today I was in my favourite cafe and I had to remember the names of all  of the waitressing staff   and    I could arrange  to meet someone I  needed to discuss with  about lecture I was going  to be giving . so, this is why my physical rehab has been so vital to my cognitive rehab

but  I still need someone else to love and to be able to think about  if for  nothing else to take my mind off myself and my god I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I am just   so boring

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