random compliments

I have been told  by a chap in the swimming pool how well,  I have done  and I do not really know him  he is just a chap   who has been coming to the pool for quite a while  and has  indirectly seen my progress that  I  have made  and  he said to me that I need  to  keep up all   of my exercises that i have been undoubtedly  doing, and he too said to me that many people would not have come so  far with their recovery and this chimes with what my  school friends and mother said to me , now:

my mother knows me pretty well and    she was a  nurse and despite this  was  fairly practical  and appropriate,  and sensible and  I was quite surprised when she said to me that  it was only because of my dogged determination that I have come so  far.


as where I cannot think everyone in the same circumstance would have done similarly

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