exercise depression and the spiders web .

Exercise and depression

muscles, fat cells, and liver release a variety of molecules into the bloodstream. Some of these molecules which circulate through the body and where they can cross the blood-brain barrier. Once inside, they trigger a cascade of beneficial changes that can make one feel sharper and happier: one crucial change is the release of a growth hormone called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF. When it comes to exercise’s positive effects on the brain, BDNF is  first and foremost.

And there is always the Chicken and egg argument  delivered  by those couch potatoes  i.e. is it the exercise on its own per se or is  it just  the mere fact of doing something that one enjoys  that leads to the improvements in mood and memory .

our brains are like a spiders web of connections with  links between different parts of the web  and  these links allow the brain to   combine  what  we are seeing with what  we are moving with our hands, all the while whilst listening to our kids squabbling over the  remote control and it is the BDNF that is responsible for strengthening these connections, ‘hence the runners high ‘ and this leads me onto  another benefit of the connections between different areas of the brain –    and the more one practices using these connections then the more strongly they are held or formed ; so what this means is it is  important to do exercise as well as practice  the executive functions  of  the brain –  it is a little bit like trying to grow grass without any fertiliser and in this analogy  the EDNF IS equivalent to the fertiliser; and which connections  are strengthened are  all dependant on us, so returning, to the grass analogy if we want there to be a very good covering of grass next to the house then we will need  to ensure we put a lot of seed there   , and if you want to ensure your memory retains its  clarity then you will need to practice using this  and I am almost proof positive that this can be achieved  because this is  exactly what has happened me.  My slate was essentially  wiped clean or it was definitively  removed from me. but the cleanliness of my  slate must be considered  under review , because I am Australian , assuming I still have any  slate left  to me   and I am  tempted to title this post the runners high and grass  growing  because I am pretty certain that the thought police would not be too happy with this

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