lets hear it for men

Lts hesr it  for men

Now given everything that is swirling around  in the news at the moment  and the social media given feminism  and the    LGBT movement , well you may be mistaken   To think men are  truly subservient or worse of  secondary importance as opposed to being  the glue tht sticks everything together  in more ways than just one ; and this  is  the purpose of this  piece or it could be argued it is a cry for the facts to  come  out   or for them  to  be a little bit  more widely appreciated   and sure  I can hear you all  say

I am just An Australian chauvinist but this is purely factual   and only the fats will be recorded here.

Well there is s strong movement to remove the role of men at present such that a man must earn the money for the family and also be the shoulder to cry on for his wife and also he, must   cook and clean,

and look after the kids as well as earning the family income

now from the moment one has their first child:  all of the   warning signs are  present in  the delivery room  for all  to   see and men  ignore these at your peril : well at  my first born I was directed to the corner of the  delivery suite  by the mad- wife whose sole concern   was  to ensure I was properly and    rightly denigrated for putting  your  wife into  this  this position  now I  am no expert in this because I  was just   a lowly intensive care consultant  as opposed to an obstetric and gynaecology consultant but I  am pretty certain that she had a small or significant  role to play in  creating this  disaster.   now from then on it goes  from  distinctly bad to quite definitely worse,   as if you thought that could be  at all possible  as   firstly you get to  see your wife  cry out in pain and fear and then meanwhile  all  you can hear between  all of  the yelling in a very confined  hospital room is the  mad-wife glowering at you for all that  you have done to your wife   who is  presently wailing like a banshee and as  you get to the  end of this  oncoming train crash you are  still quite nervous, not just for your wife but also  for your unborn child  as  well  and  all you can think of,  are all of the I previous  disasters that you have been called to  as  a  doctor . and then as if this were not enough the aforementioned mad-wife then asks you if you want to come to the business end of the proceedings of your wife and  cut the chord    but no should come  the answerbecauase you want to  remember how it was   as oposed to being  left with any memories of how it is as if you  did not have enough mental scarring of the day’s  events.  Now I was very certain I do not want to be left with any more mental scars. and then your wife rolls over and says I want another one not realising the abject terror you have just gone through. And compounding it all are all of the friends and relatives who focus on just your wife  and  are practically ignoring  you like apiece of chewing gum on the pavement because for  years and months at lest you will  still have the mental  scars  of which your wife is  blissfully  ignorant of your terror  and   once again  you  are required to  stand  strong. As if nothing had happened it all  was just like a normal day , and heaven help the husband who  does not show some sort of solidarity with his blissfully ignorant wife a who   gets all of the ayurvedic head massages  I mean just how many heads can one person have. And most t importantly you do not want the head  fixed  but you want the business end all returned to some  semblance of normality or beauty

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