there is nothing heroic in going to the loo an addendum

There is nothing heroic in going to the loo an addendum_ I feel I need to give this a little bit more    context as to what I really mean. Now this all stemmed from a comment by a GP whom I  whom I had an appointment with for the first time who said I was a bit of a hero and I did not really feel I was doing anything special. other than existing and sure there was a time when it was a truly amazing feat  I could use  the loo by myself. but those days are long gone thank god but so too has the time when I could play and even excel at  aussie rules football . a. and do you know what else I miss is believe it or not i used to be the life and soul  of the party . and since this dam accident I have been accused of being uncoordinated by my physio, and being boring    by some of   my friends. and I guess I was quite boring with my single-minded focus on getting back some semblance of my life


when I was home in Australia I went   to see a football match  and a proper football  match i.e.. ausie rules football as opposed to one where you had those primadonnas running around in their silk tops hugging themselves whilst effing  and blinding  at the  referees

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