when did people stop asking did Burke and wills say why not

When did people stop saying  did Burke and wills say  why not?

now a little bit of  Australian history:   Burke  and wills  were  two  famous explorers who went on an   ill-fated  exploration through the middle of Australia, and from the outset it sounded completely unachievable or ridiculous ; and  a good friend and i when presented with seemingly  similar odds to our latest suggestion  or  hijinks   – usually involving   beer and a longish trip through a  municipal  park or an ever so  slightly precarious walk along a cliff face towards a beach party; well that was our catch phrase or mantra   did Burke and wills say why we said to each other,   no they said why not!  came the reply and I guess these were the odds   I was given to get my life back on track or indeed to just survive .  but despite everything and everyone telling me how well I have done.  well here I Am and as I have said before that whole am I still me is confined to the past.  but here I am here with my memories not just of what   might have been but what actually  was  and I am so often struck by how many people sell themselves short by asking themselves why instead of  why not

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