i am an aechaeologist

I have been told or at least my family was told that I cannot or  could or would not be able to summarise anything or assimilate information or distinguish the main point from a paragraph or a set of information. And, neither would I be able to retain information long enough to do these things and I guess I am still fighting against these preconceptions of who I could be or who I am, but I feel my brain had these paths, in the past or neurological connections in the past.   and My brain is essentially a blank canvas of old roads and pathways running between numerous towns and cities such as each one is called assimilation and summarising and   all I am left doing, is trying to excavate these

is trying to excavate these roads and pathways and also to recreate     these.   in new ways and new directions.  In essence I have become an archaeologist as I try to excavate these  roads and pathways in part to check if they are still functional.


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