the damaged brain and the bowl of cooked spaghetti

thinking who are we 

Am i just a brain it is the seat of us and most importantly it contains our memory which directs our actions and reactions to events that happen to us just now. and I have been

told numerous times how I, must appreciate the injuries I have had will have long lasting effects but I guess I am just too much of an obstreperous old bugger to accept this . and also and I am too stupid to be able to give words to what I mean about personality because I cannot help, but think my experiences are a fertile ground for philosophers or anyone interested in existentialism
but I just cannot seem to articulate what it is about my experiences: regarding personality, and what got me on o got me on to this whole diatribe: it was a phrase that I have use numerous times the body must know or learn who is boss and I have had so any examples of my body winning over me but when it is me, i.e. the brain that is damaged then what can one expect. It is l like the yoga teacher saying to us how we need to listen to our bodies but when it is my body that is sending such divergent signals to my brain or the brain is interpreting the signals so incorrectly
and when I consider so much of my personality as andrew BC was predicated on my activity and some may be tempted to call it a preposterous level of activity.
and dare I say it hyperactivity, which seems to veer into the medical diagnosis a little bit too much for me but I have used this to my advantage with my recovery in that I am insistent on achieving something new almost every day and then I flog it to death. such as using my left hand a little bit more and it can be as simple as eating with a knife and a fork

and it is the flogging it to death that helps with consolidating the movement and if you think of an undamaged brain a little bit like being a packet of uncooked spaghetti and each piece of spaghetti is equivalent to a neuron well It is like this with an undamaged brain where -each neuron runs in parallel and connects up appropriately to the next one in series with it and this all leads directly to the effector’s ie. The muscles and so it is relatively easy for a command to be thought of and transmitted to the effectors ie. The muscles, The muscles: and the moment a an action is thought of and the transmission process is a straight line to the muscles :
as opposed to with a damaged brain; it is more like a bowel of cooked spaghetti where each piece off spaghetti Is randomly thrown in to the bowel and for an action to be thought if it needs to go cross so many other neurons ( or pieces of spaghetti )prior to travelling to the effectors and it is relatively easy for the transmission press to get lost somewhere along the way and the more an action is practised the the more consistently are the correct neuronal pathway and effectors activated

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