oxygen tents and sundials

years now I Would not have anticipated that it would have taken nearly 7 years to get back to this pint now do not laugh but I am signed -up to do a half marathon today and it is in Falmouth today and this is it is not exactly renowned for its savannahesque wide open flat planes but . more likely it resembles the grand canyon with its steep step steep hills now all I can hope for is that the paramedics do realise that smoking and oxygen do not mix as they bundle me into my oxygen tent , which is itself a sign of success because there was definitely a time when I would have wished that they did not know, about smoking and oxygen:
and this was the strange thing in that I often found myself wishing for the exit door but not in any way that could have realistically happened and I found myself at odds with my care agency again in that they do not think I should be doing this but clearly they do not know me that well at all because this is just like a red rag to a bull and the other truly amazing thing about the half marathon was that I actually needed digital stop watch To time me As opposed to a sundial

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