the tiny small insignificant victories

The new me now I alluded to this in my last post titled my new arm and i said that I had lots of tiny and relatively significant victories. now the reason why I consider them insignificant because they really are not that special for anyone else and indeed if they are viewed on their own then I think you will read this chapter with degree of incredulity because everyone

just takes them for granted and please just read to the end of this post to just get a tiny glimpse of what I have been through or had to overcom. for instance there was my balance and because this was so unbearably awful if i was to be found anywhere then you could be rest assured I would be lying on the ground where I had fallen over again to which I decided to practice loading and unloading the dishwasher because my balance used to be so dreadful
the best way was to practice using my balance snd so it ws thdt a standsard dsily task becanmme asn exercise for me
and still I needed to have someone standing beside me whilst I actually did the dishwasher and miraculously I only dropped one of my beautiful Richard bramble palates but I am making out it was all a rapid process going from being an immobile chair- bound bound doughnut to a relatively normal appearing independent adult but I can tell you there was lot of blood sweat and tears and i remember sort of racing to eat my supper because I looked forward to the challenge, of doing the dishwasher
and my goodness it was a challenge and I think you too will agree that these are all insignificant when they are viewed on their own and this would perhaps would be my first victory and it was not having to have someone standing beside me whilst I did the dishwasher- I mean this is hardly a victory in the battle of Waterloo proportions, or even a victory deserving of any great celebration and thee was another great ‘Olympian’ victory was being able to get myself up off the ground. snd I am quite sure there a lot of people are reading this in utter disbelief but also these tiny building blocks had to be present to be able to move on to the next level
and I am Importantly to being a proper human because a defining feature of humans is being able to walk
there was the much more much more prosaic victory which was me being able to get myself up off the ground and yes I really was like one of those giant Galapagos turtles. who is lying on their backs upside down and this analogy did have much more accuracy because it was around this time I weighed in at a tenth of a ton and also not being able to get myself up off the floor and coupled with my balance I seemed to spend quite a lot of time on the ground and sure enough if i was really trying to impress someone such as my wife I could be almost guaranteed to fall over and it is these building blocks that I have fought so hard to get into place so that then the whole building can finally be built and i am not at all equating myself with a building

well unless you are thinking of the twin towers and I am quite sure you are all reading this thinking this bloke cannot be be remembering this correctly but it is really true I even had an entire physio session devoted to just getting up off the floor ; I really was this buggered

And there was the infinitesimally small victory when I could eat using a knife and fork , and not just use them but also even use them together and not have to ask someone to cut up my food and so then I could eat out with my kids at restaurants or be left alone with other adults but this is all now in the past but not too distant to be forgotten- well certainly not by myself

One thought on “the tiny small insignificant victories

  1. Tills. They are all significant victories. Tills, they build on each other and make more things possible, and there is always hope that one of these future small victories will be the light bulb moment that brings some true brightness back for you….no one works so hard as you and the increadible intelligence and analysis abilities you have always had are still so strong. …you will find a way to happiness Till’s, you dont know how to fail, its not in you.
    Best wishes. Trav.


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