my ‘new’ arm

y My, new, arm even now despite it being many years since I have had some movement in my left arm I am still constantly amazed or, at the very least constantly pleased that I have two arms and every time I get to use my left arm I sort of smile to myself that I can
actually, use it because i really had written it off as ever being any use to me at all . well I certainly remember practising just using my right arm to do everything so I could practice life with only one arm and as such I had given up on my left completely so Now I look for things that i can do using my left arm and hand I have had many times of positive reflection like this such as my walking and not having to be in n a wheelchair anymore and also there is my eating and drumming where I am learning to use my arms independently of each other and I still have my seemingly insurmountable challengers which are my family and a meaningful job
and it is this i must say grudgingly this is this some evidence of my fortitude because although i had given up on my left arm i did not outwardly show it at all l did not appear depressed or down at all and i am pretty certain this or perhaps a good example f my fortitude or more correctly i was just i was always a unmissable old git such that people d did not notice an a change in my demeanour s quite a good example of my fortitude or just my stupidity in that i had given up on my arm when i needn’t have

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