Balance , now this is really my bogey man the elephant in the room now I know this must sound ridiculous but also this is such an interesting metaphor to use because I wonder what my subconscious is Saying to me because I certainly used to be a bit of an elephant when I weighed in at a tenth of a ton but I did not at all appreciate just how important balance is and it is something that I have just so little of it is essential to getting dressed and obviously to just standing upright both of which I have really struggled to do and i hasten to add that although I have fallen over more times Than I have fingers on both hands but i hasten to add I have not managed to fall whilst also only being only partially dressed

One thought on “balance

  1. Hi Tills. Trav here. Saw your AM I STILL ME post on balance, with its mention of elephants and people weighing 1/10th of a ton. Could not help but feel these were cheap shots at me who has never been below 100 kegs since school and looks somewhat like an elephant ….please assure me you are not secretly putting shit on your old mate! More seriously , keep on being awesome mate, better things must surely come your way. There is a sea of love and support for you around the world,  but i know as you know that for all of us in the end its our own spirit and will that must conquer all , everyone elses best intentions help but we must keep digging deep and stick it up the world for ourselves as best we can! Love you buddy and hope to see you soon in Australia.  You are a kegend mate. Trav.


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