INTRODUCTION: Can one be an inspiration doing nothing at all? well, I suppose the title to this blog piece is the answer to this question but it is All I feel I am doing just now but not for any great political cause but by nature of my necessity and my friends regularly tell me that I am inspirational but I want more – can you believe it -‘I dont believe it ‘ I am rapidly becoming the youngest victor meldue of my time And this also worries me so much that this is my time and i am letting it slip by or through my hands a little bit like my family
TEAM WORK now there has been so many people involved such as my friends and scarers and my and family obviously involved in my rehabilitation: I am definitely not the finished article as much as an Australian can ever be a finished article – which is going to become an issue hopefully very soon : in that how do you tell I am finished given the lack of any metrics but I just think it would be based on what i can do day to day which is why I have become so argumentative but as I was saying to one of my scarers the other day I was merely testing the veracity of their belief because I just love pitting my wits against others and also I do think a great deal of my recovery is my ability to recognise the various strengths sand weaknesses in my scarers so that i can a use their strength to my advantage and yes I did actually say that some of my scarers do actually have a strength

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