a new life

I am told that I can appear r to be too negative or dwelling on all of the things that have happened to me as a result of my accident and there are two things I would like to say about this but it is definitely a case of ALL of the things, as opposed to some or just one of the things and also I am not a complete idiot and so I am not about to run through the tulips and daffodils aLA julie andrewsesq singing aint life grand or I am singing in the rain well this is mostly because I am completely tone deaf such that an old girlfriend of mine had the insight and The temerity to say that I even hummed in a tone deaf manner, and to get to the point of this blog post at last I can hear you all say now I am the least negative person I think you can find but it is just that I find it much more humorous to be self-deprecatory and also I do find myself a position I never expected to find myself and I still remember what my life was like and this is the biggest problem I have because I think I  am set up quite nicely to start again but I cannot get out of my head out of my head which is quite ironic given the ease with which I managed to remove most of my brain at the time of my accident ; but I just Cannot get out of my memory what my life was like and all of the things I could do and find so easy and fine now I sm just going to have to suck it up and  carve out a new life for myself but I bloody will because it is what I am  going  yo have to do to  ensure i have a meaningful and most importantly productive, useful and helpful  life













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