i am just like water

I am just like water and certainly not that  i am  anything pure or clear or  unambiguous  but i am   nothing interesting or intoxicating  and I do wonder if this is why I find myself so  boring  and as a plumber once said to me to me that when you have a leak the water will  always find the easiest way to get  out  and i have been living in my   bubble of being  a cripple  essentially  whereby I  can pretty much do everything  that is    not spontaneous  such as  football or tennis  and I used to be  quite coordinated the first choice  in the school line-up  for the sporting teams  so I have been living my life just doing what  is easy for me   such as the running  and not doing anything  different  in the way of exercise and my son last night whilst talking  to   him :he was saying how much he is looking forward to  seeing me soon so that we could go for a run  together  and , he   is desperate to  go for a run   with me  again  , but not  as  desperate as I am to  do well   when running with him and I know this is wrong but I  cannot wait  to hopefully beat him again   but my god he is just  12 and here I  am desperate to beat  him now this cannot  be right on any level   but bertie seems to enjoy it  ; and I must say again that it   was relatively  recently  when he was  fighting with his sisters  to pushing me in my wheel chair i.e about  2 years ago  but 2 years it as been 2 years  years i say   again  a lifetime  for many  arachnids or some small mammals or many birds, a lifetime

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