a dodgy Brussel sprout


This is what I  feel  I have lost  so much  ojust being able to  sit down and be content – not ecstatic just content I  think I have given up on that ecstatic feeling ever again which is a great shame sand I think it is my lack of contentment that is the root cause of my general unhappiness with my current parlous state Of existence  because all things   considered I have come quite a long way I remember the occupational therapist

getting me   an enormous  automatic inflatable double  bed  sized thing for me    with a great deal of self-satisfaction that  she had managed to  get it  for me  and I was supposed too roll on to  it when I fell on the  ground and could not get back up  again because I  fell quite often  and that is the master of understatement such that it was  a m miracle I was  ever upright       and I should be saying  when and not incase  beaus it really was case of when  fell over  next time there was really no incase to it ;it was just  an issue  of when i case I fell on  the ground and could  not  get myself up  again  because it was about this time I weighed tenth of a ton and if I  I fell  which I did  more than any Olympic diver  in training but    I   could not get myself up off the ground and so the scarers were supposed to  carry  this enormous inflatable thing  which  came in a double bed d sized  mattress  suitcase thing there by negating any usefulness  of it for  the scarers who  would have needed the strength of  arnold swartzeneggerr to  carry it to me  that the scarers be   taking the thing  to  where I   had fallen  so that  I could get up  without hurting the scarers   so yes I guess I have come a long way from being just  a  dodgy Brussel sprout   and then there was the enormous inflatable condom  thing  that I   was supposed to wear on my left arm to help me straighten it  because my left arm was constantly bent up  against my  shoulder and I could not straighten it and the air in the condom was supposed to be  a  gentle  way  to  Straighten my  arm  and it does seem to me that the only thing i  did not have anything inflatable  for was the root cause of all of my issues and that  was  my dam brain but perhaps that  is because there   is so much air in my

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