Bd brusel sprout

freel i have lost t so much of just being able to  sit down and be content – not ecstatic just content I  think I have given up on that ecstatic feeling ever again which is a great shame sand I think it is my lack of contentment that is the root cause of my general unhappiness with my current parlous state of existence  because all things   considered I have come quite a long way I remember the occupational therapist

getting me   an enormous  automatic inflatable bed thing for me    with a great deal of self satisfaction that  she had managed to  get that I was supposed too roll on to when I fell on the  ground and could not get back up  again because I  fell quite often such that it was  a m miracle I was  ever upright     for me  in  case I fell on  the ground and could  not  get myself up  again  because it was about this time I weighed tenth of a ton and if I  I fell  which I did  more than any Olympic diver  in training I   could not get myself up off the ground and so the scarers were supposed to  carry this enormous inflatable  thing to  where I   had fallen  so that  I could get up  without hurting the scarers    i was like  a giant turtle upside down on its shell so yes I guess I have come a long way from being just  a bad brussel sprout   and it also makes me think isn,t the NHS amazing to  have all  sll of g these committed people who have in essence resurrected me , quite literally and i   am just trying to  get a new and   meaningful life for myse

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