parlous busking

i am just so paranoid of being just another  fucker, sad and divorced and lonely   and once gain I am acutely   aware  of sounding incredibly arrogant here  by not really having anything to  distinguish me  from anyone else  in the same parlous situation , but why  should there be  anything to  distinguish me, but my god this whole endeavour is a lesson in  self actualisation  and I  just am not up to   living by myself   mostly because  I  am such a boring and   pointless old fucker  and when i think about  the homeless people  who  are sleeping rough I  do not think there is any real  difference between them and me it just   happens i  have  a house and a shaver and a mirror    and i  also know how to use th the three items in question and lastly i unlike them i  cannot  even  sffoird to hsave a small yappy dog  and also  I am acutely aware that   I  am completely tone deaf and so  busking would definitely be  out of  the  question

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