have been  amazed at the number of incredibly brave people I have come across and it has made me completely reappraise my definition of what  bravery  is  and it is  not what one  has had to contend with that makes  a  person brave   and neither is it  the manner of how we conceal them or deal with them  that  what makes individuals so brave , it is just  merely acknowledging your fears and facing up  to them  and just being able to  get up the next day again and put on a sunny disposition  is what makes individuals so brave and it is like the English question I was given in school which was to  compare and contrast the  bravery of two characters in  two books oe whom was a  graham greene novel  with a priest constantly  questioning his vocation  and compared to  another priest who essentially blindly followed his  religious beliefs even though he knew it would lead to his  execution and the question was who was the more committed and to, me the answer appeared pretty straight  forward so on the one hand you had a bloke who knew if he hollowed the teaching  of the lord en  he would get to sit him – the lord slightly sooner than anticipated




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