mental health

h yes I sm repeatedly told how well I have done having gone from  vegetable to a nearly independent  adult in 6 years but I just do not see it because all I  can see are  the 6 years(years),  that have been taken  from me  and my family and also that despite how well  I am  told I  am doing  i just do not see it see it because I just want  to be able to  play with my kids properly  and if that makes me a selfish old bugger or constantly  strive for something better then   so be it and not ever really be happy with my lot then  so be it   and i am sure there are a team of psychologists  just  itching  to line up to tell me the deleterious effects that this will have  on my  state of mind will have over the long term on me  justa itching  to examine and pontificate about my future state of mental health nd given how little   how little of my  brain I have been left with i  think that to have have e any mental health issue would be  considered a success

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