chickens and eggs and friends

and loved ones

Now almost not  a single day  goes by when I  do not count myself  lucky for all of my friends  because they have each and every one of them have all been  instrumental in helping me to  find me and these people are not just my friends from before my accident   and they  also include my scarers   but I  think I have been  incredibly lucky having the group of friends i do  who have  all been  tremendously patient  and this also  gets me to wondering  about the  chicken and  egg argument   is  it me that  produced  the friends i have or my friends that have produced the type of person  that  I  am and there are obviously too many to mention but some deserve a special mention such as Larry and  his thieving dog that  can  whisk away a chocolate from the hand of any small unsuspecting child  in seconds; reducing the latter to  a  screaming  obstacle of  tears in seconds  and sticking with Larry and  my brother in law  now I must also  admit to many of my faults lie with these  two   and is it  just me that is responsible for all of my goodly attributes  snd erhapds I should  repeat for added  emphasis  all  of ,my  goodly attributes ( but I think I may have put too many o’s in to that  word  and I will let you work out what i am trying too imply with that ); but in short we are the product of our surroundings and I guess i just  wonder  how much is  me and  how  ,much  are  the surroundings and take my wife who has long since left me   now sure it was  she who travelled the two hours every  day almost  just so  that I could see my children and  then  there is Jennifer who I have managed to trap  despite’ all of  of my failings and who still wants to  drive me on snd actually  believes in me , and before anyone  calls the police to say that I have trapped a    beautiful young lady; I am using the term trap to  describe the belief I have that  it  would-be the only way I can  ever find anyone again  but I think I should emphasise she has been  corralled all of her own accord And at her own free will but I  like  to say to her that the little people  with their pinkish purple uniforms and their exceptionably tight fitting   jacket will  be coming soon to rescue her from her madness  but it is not just Jenifer that  I have to thank   it  is also   so many more people  that I now count  as my  incredibly firm  friends  since my   accident  despite all of my myriad   or litany of failings  and I really am amazed at the dualism of my human nature  or is it just  my friends  that  I am merely reflecting  or is it me , but I guess it must be me because I seem to have the very same sort of friends   that I do now  as  I did as  andrew bc had and I guess all we are as  individuals  are  memories and rene dscartes would be more correct if he said  rather than I think therefore I  am but I would say it   would be  more correct   if it was I thunk therefore I  am or was ( ow clearly I  am taking a  good dollop of poetic licence here with  the word thunk trying to represent thought in the past tense

may well be going against all that I have c said recently regarding my friends but I do not believe in luck  at all. I just believe there is a tremendous amount of work one does prior to an opportunity coming along so that when it does you are in the best position to be able to grasp it  and this is all well And good but when it comes to my wife and my friends I do  and how I have been so  fortunate or been so lucky  to have  the friends that I do ; now  quite clearly for any one unfortunate enough  to have met my friends clearly I must take   a significant part of the credit  for being able to bring out the best in  this band of reprobates, and likewise I must take some credit for being able  to even  recognise they do have some positive attributes


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