chicken eggs and friends

and loved ones

Now almost not  a single day  goes by when I  do not count myself  lucky for all of my friends  because they have each and everyone of them have all been  instrumental in helping me to  find me and these people are not just my friends from before my accident   and they  also include my scarers   but I  think I have been  incredibly lucky having the group of friends  i do have  who have  all l been  tremendously patient  and this also  gets me to wondering I about the  chicken and  egg argument is it  me that  produced  the friends i have or my friends that have produced the type of person  that  I  am  and there are obviously too many to mention but some deserve a special mention such as Larry and  his thieving dog that  can  whisk away a chocolate from the hand of any small unsuspecting child  in seconds; reducing the latter into  a  screaming  obstacle of  tears in seconds  and sticking with Larry and  my brother in law  now I must also  admit  many of my faults lie with these    and it is just me that is responsible fir all of my goodly attributes  ( or perhaps i put in  one too many oo’s in to this word , but i will leave you to  work out  what  i  am  perhaps implying here )  attributes

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