bike riding death helmets and kiddy torturers

Who ever said it is just like riding a bike  once learnt never forgotten; but as well as proving many self-appointed experts wrong- I did not  think it was going  to  extend to the list of sayings and anecdotes that everyone says ; but I guess  it is hardly surprising that I am Having difficulty with riding a bike but hang on  when I say difficulty it sounds like I am just having a few minor teething  problems with my riding when  in all, actuality  I am finding it extremely  difficult  or nigh on impossible  but I  guess  when one thinks about it   that it is hardly surprising  because  when I am walking or just standing I am feeling like I   am being pulled over and  towards my left and backwards then I guess  it is  hardly surprising I am finding riding a bike almost impossible  and it is so depressing that if it were  not for my   abnormal  co-contraction of my muscles  I would be  able to cycle without Any real problems  and once  again I am going to have to sit infront of  my computer to drum up the courage to ask one of my scarers to help  me to   do something so basic or so simple that any 3 or 5 year old can  do  but I guess it is slightly better But only slightly  than having to ask one of my  scarers to be around when I am  wanting to stand-up- but by Christ that was embarrassing   , so I not only did I   need a scarer to be  close by or around when I wanted to walk anywhere even if  it was in the kitchen from  the table to the door way  but also when I was practising just standing up  and yes you  did read that  correctly I was having to practice to stand up??!!  Or close by whenever I wanted to walk anywhere. Even if  it was just from  the kitchen table to  the door way  door way   snd then there  was the very long period of  time that I had to wear my helmet out   whenever I i was  going to be  out of  my wheel  chair  even if this was just going to the gp’s s And  so I would-be siting in the gp’s  waiting  room  with my  crash helmet on  because I was missing a bit of my skull and the helmet was clearly pointless as it was  protecting  something  ( a brain  that I no longer had anyway   so  I guess you can  see   why   my family  all   think I  should be feeling elated that I am  now virtually independent but also I trust t you can  see why my self-confidence is all shot to pieces   but on top of all this I have had  to deal with my wife leaving  me and my family  and losing ,my vocation as well   which I  absolutely loved   and I am told I was  pretty bloody good at   but I  guess I do have to say  that  I can  now  cycle a bike and it came without  any  need for  a crash helmet or any  untoward  and unplanned requirements of the Cornish ambulance service   and also I   need to put  in a  huge plug for my scsrers; none of whom  ever showed any  sign of the  shear boredom that  they must of had such as  when I wanted to go on one of my long walks but by  long I meant it was just a walk that would have taken a blind geriatric amputate  just  30 minutes to do but took me some 2 hours to do    and   the scarers whom  all  came in  different sizes and shapes some so small that  they would  not  trouble a  cat flap and others so  skinny that you worried that they would get assaulted on  the   way to work by  all the food that people were throwing  at them snd the  scarers  have made me realise that I   am  a fatist but I  guess this is a  dam site better than  being a racist but I  guess I would  think that wouldn’t  I and also some kiddy torturers are truly odd, snd by kiddy torturers I mean  the vegans , because after all what parent takes their child to  a beach   in  the summer and then does not let them  have an ice-cream

And returning to my helmet. I remember getting the titanium plate put in to my skull where the bone was missing; and I remember doing the anaesthetics many many years ago for   a chap who was having the  same operation that  I needed to  have to put my  titanium plate in and this chap ended up  dieing; And I hasten to  add he did not die because of anything I  did so I had this weighing heavily  on  my  miniscule brain cell And having signed a new will and said my goodbye’s to my  wife sand my kids- and  also  went on one last walk around my beautiful house and gardens

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