death by a thousand cuts

death by  a thousand cuts  now I have had to endure my wife and family leaving me and  in  a process of leaving me  in stages  snd a series of  interminable steps  all on view by a scarer and there is my dam brain injury that seems to leave me incapable of looking  like  i am feeling anything  any true or real  emotion and  so  I  get to witness it all  where I seem to exist in a hinterland where I am witnessing the death of myself  as a husband and  a  person and  a father and all   seemingly  witnessed by myself rather dispassionately and this is absolutely not to  say that I do not wish it were otherwise   ; and oh yes as if I could forget  that the  other reason it was a thousand cuts was because  my  chocolate oven glove of  a brain made a  gold fish look smart  so although my  wife kept telling me or  just  dropping  subtle hints that she was leaving  me such  as buying  a new house and moving me in to the barn in our current house  so I guess  on  reflection I was pretty stupid  to think it would be otherwise, but I guess this just proves the adage that hope triumphs over  adversity

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