time and meritocracy

Time and Meritocracy  now I find time is such an interesting concept in  that sure it is necessary to mark the  passage of  something  or the development of something  and the easiest way to   do   this is with time    and   the passage of   time; but  time  seems to be contingent on what we are doing and how much we  are enjoying it  or how busy  we  are  such that   we quite often say time has run away with us and  one   can have two people in  the same room one of whom  is busy the other is  happy doing’ things with himself and both can  perceive time in very different ways   and whilst the world wrestles with itself about the best and most efficient away to look after the  world’s population And also  the planet itself ; it strikes me that  what we need is to institute a  relatively straight forward meritocratic system where merit is judged  According to a predefined set of values that  are  relatively straight forward  to judge  is the action under consideration  intended to  facilitate human  flourishing  or  is there such an inherent risk of the action so great or so open  to manipulation  by the  unscrupulous

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