n Australian with finesse??!!!


Now I have had my cosy limping bubble well and truly pricked  just now , so I have been blithely going about my day  pretty much being able  to do    most things  – which let’s be honest they are no great feats  of  athleticism they are just running and walking to my next piece of cake   but somehow I am expected to be happy with this  but today I tried to play  some tennis and the problem I have with this  is that whenever I try to move quickly and to change  direction the way I am moving my left knee  locks straight   so I am left trying to move quickly  with a Jake the peg leg , And I  have to remember that  I  am  pretty much   crippled  in  that yes I can  do pretty much everything  that I need to do  but they are done in  such a manner  that it lacks  any  degree of finesse as much as any Australian can be described as shaving any degree of finesse  but perhaps   a better example of my inability to do anything useful   would be  if I needed  to walk across a  room with   a mug of coffee it  almost invariably ends up with a trip to the plastic surgeons with third degree burns but I guess  at least I  cannot feel, my left  hand very well       by god who am I  trying to kid when I say  I cannot feel my hand very well  I mean very well  ! !! I think I should say cannot feel the bugger at all; which is also why when I eat with a knife and fork I need to be wearing a wetsuit because of all the mess I make, which is also why  it is sadly ionic that I am left telling my kids off   for not eating politely



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