marvellous mediocrity space occupying lesion

sure I have gone from being  a vegetable or a  Brussel sprout  to being a relatively normal appearing and acting  independent  adult  and i am  also quite regularly asked why I have managed  to recover so far but I answer them  that I do not think I have recovered  that far  I still see myself  as a space occupying lesion  and by god I think  this is a big part of my issues with myself in that I am just appearing normal  and  I guess I  am just going to have to resign myself to marvellous mediocrity  – well an  enormous part of my recovery is my determination; and  the  knowledge that there is a better life out there , and also obviously there   has been my wife and kids , and without them I would-be truly nothing  and lastly there has  been  my scarers who  although I love to take the piss out of them hem  remorselessly  such as they make Julian Clarey look masculine , I do love them but just not in  a way that  they wish I would

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