mormons chocolate oven gloves and perception

The age of perception we have entered the age of the perceived : I think I am therefore I am such as we have virtual reality and the focus on mental health and it is a little like me in that I feel I am being pulled to my left and backwards despite  me being told I am walking and standing straight  but I f feel I am wobbling and being  pulled to the left even though  I am not t and the strength of the pull is so  incredibly strong but my disordered muscles  s are firing in such a way that makes me feel, they  are  resisting my every ,move so whenever I try to move forwards and even though I  am told am  moving freely  but I feel it is quite the opposite , and i have been doing these 5km. races  recently  but I just find them so exhausting  because of this s puling

sensation  which is all due to my   chocolate oven glove of a brain : now when you  and i move normally there are neurons that   fire  to make  the  muscles   that need  to  work to complete the movement , but then you  also have a series  of other  muscles that contract at  the same time in  order to help create a stable base from which  you can complete the movement and it is these muscles that are contracting  so  strongly  such that I feel   I have clearly become a Mormon and  I have   inherited a  whole heap of female muscles each one resisting my every move   and the reason i call them female is because i am Australian in that they can do the movementut they just bloody wont   and each one   one is puling me backwards  when I wish  to ,move  forwards    now the reason for these muscles contracting are because my chocolate     oven  glove of a   brain keeps sending down signals to make these  muscles contract  even though I do not want them to   contract  hence why you can see  my body has become a Mormon

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