the chocolate oven glove and the age of perception


The Chocolate oven  glove and the age of perception

We have entered The age of perception or the age of the perceived : I think  therefore I am such as   we have   virtual reality nd then there is the  focus on mental health and it is a little like me in that I feel I am being pulled to my left and backwards despite  me being  told I am walking and standing straight  but I f feel I am wobbling and being  pulled to the left even though  I am patently not and the strength of the pull is so  incredibly strong but my disordered muscles  are  responding to my dam bowl of porridge  (my brain) that is  about  as  useful as  a chocolate oven glove  snd this  is my, primary  impediment to any further  progression  because although i am  told I  look like     am moving very freely I feel  the pull  backwards  sand so I  limit ,my turning snd my  stride length so in essence  I alter   my walking pattern to accommodate my perceived failings as a human walker  and by god they are effing legion, almost as many as  there  are when it comes to being a person


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