Now I am paranoid of getting older in that I feel I am having to start all over again and I have been  given so much less time to  do it in  and for  instance I am not  20 years old anymore and  I have dependants    and  it seems so do  others in that their dependants  may be little people or they  may be   occupations , but the time when i  could just get pissed and have a laugh  and fall in  to each other’s beds without any real consequences ; seems to be long  gone  which  is most  definitely not to say that I do not think  and wish that  it were not otherwise  but I am also desperately  concerned of being  another Rolf Harris  which gets me on  to  another of my band wagons I  think that all paedophiles should be shot and there is  not  any excuse for them  they have taken the life of  the child  and not only that they have left the child scarred  for the rest of their life so  they  have  to endure a  living hell, almost  , which in many ways my last 6 years has been  and it has not really been a life it has  been  most accurately described by me as  being still fucked  but fighting and yes I Am now less  fucked but I am l most definitely still fighting and I just wonder how long I am, going to have to fight for  because it is bloody exhausting  and yes I have a lot of new friends such as all, of the scarers and  my lifer is changed irrevocably  but I must   and I just have to  find a new life that has some degree of  purpose for  me

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