MA in marriage

Now I  am trying not  think  about this too much  but I  cannot help, it but I feel I am    in  such emotional distress in  that  my life has been always been  dedicated to having a job where-by I am  helping other people  and more importantly there  is a career path with a ladder essentially  and although I had this and I have been forced in to  retirement And I have many friends who have taken voluntary  retirement  I unlike them have been forced in to retirement  and I i Am feeling like I imagine all of those students who  do  a marriage degree at university – also known as An arts degree ; my mothrev caled the  crtts degrees marriage degrees for girls because they could go to university and hopefully  meet a nice young  boy whom they could end up marrying  and I also  diztinvtly remebewr my  mother asking me if I   ever was in a position where I did not have a job and could not get one would I  consider the  army  And I also remember my reply funnily enough  to  her because  this   seemingly  innocuous question   bought on   floods of tears


And the reason why I  am feeling like I have just graduated with a MA in arts is because they  have got their degree gut  it  has not really qualified  them  to  do anything

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