Now I must admit that i never thought Running would be something that I ever thought that I would be writing about with my recovery which just goes to show you all how long it has taken me to get anywhere near better. And I am still struggling to do even this but by god I have been completely reset with just a memory of what used to be, and I am constantly reminded of what  I used to be b like but may never be  again, such that I am quite good at walking  and even  running  but I cannot  do  anything when I need to  change  quickly .  such as   playing football and quickly moving to my left  or right , but  I am relatively ok with running in a straight line ; and I never liked football- I mean those overpaid primadonnas and i can jut her my family sand friends saying to me  that  i did not even  want to pay football and neither do i need to but it just is a  good example of  the  eht limitations i have been left with

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