the  worst thing I think well, almost the worst thing because there are too many to list amongst the myriad of issues I have been left with a huge bag of of issues  or enough issue to keep   Germaine greer  occupied on a bad day occupied  and among the worst of    these issues is tiredness   i have been left with  are my neuron  singular is working overtime  as well,  and i can only assume I still have one left in my  i my bowl of porridge  Have at least one  in ,my bowl  of porridge is working  but because my dsingle neutron is working  overtime al the time  this ,means  I feel constantly exhausted all of the time as well and it can  be quite simple things such as meeting new people ,or just going somewhere different .i.e. anything out of the normal  and it is  the sort of exhaustion I used to get  after I had studied for a very long time  but unfortunately it seems to be intractable  and no Amount of practice will seem  to help me  to overcome this

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