stroppy teenager

fitness again, right now I am feeling like a stroppy teenager who has come off the football field having missed two kicks at goal and in a fit of pique throws his football boots on to the ground looking at  them  somewhat  accusatory  and this is exactly how I feel but it is not my boots I am annoyed at it is my buggered body that is deserving of my derision  and it would take a feat  of supreme physical flexibility that is far beyond my and most peoples i suspect and even those double jointed  asian and indian people to be able to throw one’s self to the ground

One thought on “stroppy teenager

  1. Sounds like you need either a) some of the “hairdryer” treatment from the manager (not likely as effort/application hardly seems the issue); or b) one of your old school buddies, who is simply too lazy to contemplate cranking out 4 miles a day himself, to say “take it easy on yourself mate”. A wise person once said “Progress is Happiness”, so be happy. Admittedly that might have just been some tosser on YouTube, I don’t remember, but it is good advice just the same.
    Reminds me of my other favourite piece of advice “Don’t get bitter, get better” – which is the comedian Billy Birmingham pretending to be Kerry Packer talking to Richie Benaud !!!


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